5 Features we expect to see in the iPhone 15 series

It’s only the beginning of 2023, but Apple fans are already looking forward to the launch of the iPhone 15. It would probably arrive in September if Apple followed suit.

Months before the much-anticipated launch, rumors are already circulating online about the features of Apple’s upcoming flagship. In this article, we’ve listed five features we expect to see in the upcoming iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 Ultra

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1. USB-C charging ports

Given the European Union’s new ruling that iPhones sold in the region must switch to USB-C ports by 2024, the upcoming iPhone 15 is expected to feature a USB-C charging port instead of a Lightning port. The big question now is whether the Cupertino-based company will switch all iPhone models to USB-C or just those sold in the EU.

We’ve seen Apple adjust iPhone models regionally. The company has done it with the iPhone 14 where the US version includes an electronic SIM card, while other variants of the model have retained the SIM card slot. We have yet to see if Apple will do the same for the USB-C charging port in iPhone 15.

But according to Avi Greengart, an analyst at Techsponential, Apple has good reasons to switch all iPhones to USB-C in the future. He added that there is a larger ecosystem, security and accessory consideration with the USB-C charging connector.

2. Dynamic Island in all iPhone 15 models

When it comes to the iPhone 15 lineup, Apple is expected to continue selling four iPhone models. According to rumors, the models will generally have a similar design. Related to this, the shape-shifting recess, popularly known as Dynamic Island, is expected to make its way into all models, according to CNET.

The said rumor comes from display analyst Ross Young. In a September tweet, Young also said he doesn’t expect entry-level iPhone 15 models to have a higher refresh rate like those on the more expensive models because the supply chain can’t support it.

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3. 48 MP camera

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are equipped with a 48MP series. Due to this feature, the mentioned models take pictures with more details than the one taken at the standard resolution of 12 MP. According to MacRumors, the upcoming ‌iPhone 15‌ and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus will have the same advanced advanced camera feature.

One of the differences between high-end and standard models of the iPhone range is the camera function. For the iPhone 15 series, we expect the iPhone 15 Pro to have a periscope lens, something that won’t be available across the entire lineup.

4. Solid state buttons

In a tweet posted in October by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he noted how Apple could further differentiate its base and Pro models. He said that instead of the standard keys found on current devices, Apple could give the iPhone 15 Pro models solid-state volume and power buttons.

According to Kuo, the solid-state buttons will be similar to the home button on the iPhone SE and iPhone 7. It will mimic the feel of pressing a button using haptic feedback.

5. Periscope style telephoto

Kuo also predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be equipped with a periscope-style telephoto lens. The telephoto lens enables higher optical zoom levels. Kuo even predicted that the iPhone 15 Pro Max could have a 6x optical zoom.

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