6 great golf games for android

It is one of the most elegant sports in which people from all corners of the world play, which Americans have gained enormously in recent years. Golf is a passion for manyall with the base of some golf clubs and a small ball, which must be inserted into a specific hole.

Looking for the best simulator, you can check this list with 6 great golf games for android, each with its online mode and some interesting features. If you want to see how improvements are game by game, try them all and save the one you like the most.

Rival Golf

rival wave

Despite not being very realistic, Golf Rival is a standout title in everyone’s eyes give it a try considering the gameplay this app looks and has. The fun is to compete against people on the Internet, they will connect to the games, which are usually varied and with incredible hits.

At the time of hitting you have some lines, effects and even hit it with perfect precision in case you can shoot the ball in a few shots. Choose one of the clubs, go watch a catch and choose an important shot to get to the specific hole, which will be marked and seen in the distance.

In Golf Rival, the player with the fewest strokes wins., it is not easy to win with just one launch, although it is true that you need to check where the known hole is. This title is both fun and graphically good for Android devices, earning it a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Golf Master 3D

Golf Master 3D

Pure realism in Golf Master 3D, one of the best games for Android The most important thing about the Google Play Store, both the physics and the graphics, is called the most important on the list. The golfers show quite a successful face, you can also play with both the male and female gender.

In online mode, you can take your best photos, compete with people from all over the world and you can even communicate with them via chat and voice. With every shot you get a view of where each of the balls is goingyou also have the option to choose a club for each launch.

The large number of different fields allows us to see scenarios very varied, including some real ones during the games, usually lasting minutes. If you think you are the best golfer and have a passion for this sport, try Golf Master 3D, an application that already has more than 5 million downloads.

wave action

wave action

Here is the graphic level in the fields and the ball, you only see the hit with the stick and little else, although the hits are achieved very well. Golf Strike is one of the games that has passed through this time and gained a large audience, with millions of players around the world.

The games are for up to 6 players, you can play along any of the fields with friends and win the game as long as you show a throbbing experience. Golf Strike is one of the titles that if you try It will hook you for how easy it is to handle and how playable it is.

Challenge those best golfers, the ranking shows it weekly, to see in the position you are in, to be able to move up as you progress in the games. Golf Strike is an option if you want a game that seeks speed and the ability to play up to six players per game. The note is 4.3 stars out of five and over a million downloads.

WGT golf game from Topgolf

WGT Golf

It is quite realistic 3D golf game, although it’s worth noting that the aesthetic can sometimes seem a bit too gridded when you spend some time. The good thing is the AI ​​of this title, it will be seen during the games either against an opponent (friend) or in online mode.

Player customization is one of the strengths of WGT Golf Game by TopGolf, choose a jacket, pants, a visor or cap, shoes, gloves and other important details. Personalization is complete. you also have many more things to unlock in the store.

This golf simulator has maintained a good review in the time it was available on the Play Store, with a rating of 4.3 stars out of five possible. A total of 10 million downloads have been downloaded. Add weekly and monthly tournaments with different prizes.

Golf King–World Tour

golf game realistic

Similar to WGT Golf Game from Topgolf, Golf King – World Tour It promises pure realism in every way, both graphically and in the shots, which go where you see them on the bar, as long as you don’t use too much force. This application has been seeing improvements in certain aspects for a while, including physics.

Golf King – World Tour has a real-time multiplayer with some real names added, players can choose one from scratch and start creating the best golfer of all time. For example, improve the clubs, choose the right clothesas well as getting career mode sponsors included in the delivery.

The fields are varied, with short grass, some have long and even personalization in it, being able to put the hole in the farthest place so that the game lasts longer. Golf King – World Tour is one of the best golf titles for android so if you are looking for a very complete one then this might be for you.

Mini Golf King

mini golf game

One of the most addictive video games for the Android platform should not be missing from the list, that is none other than Mini Golf King. Despite the level of graphics, what expresses here is nothing more than the involvement in the maps it shows, which are varied and with some objects placed in the center of the ball.

Play tournaments, challenge an opponent online and much more, it’s everything this application launched by RisingWings has to offer and more. If you like mini games, this Golf It is the one that may interest you in the end.