7 Ways to Fix iPhone Heating Problem

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Does your iPhone heat up often? Do not worry. There are ways to Fix iPhone heating problem and in this post, we share seven easy ways. The most obvious warning sign that your phone is heating up is that it will feel hot to the touch. In addition, it will slow down, the screen may go black, and it may not even charge.

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Why does the iPhone get hot?

Leaving your iPhone in direct sunlight during warm months increases the chance of your phone getting hot. Other reasons why your phone gets hot are;

  • Overloading the processor with games, streaming HD video, or using GPS navigation
  • Exposing iPhone to direct sunlight for extended periods when you are in a hot place
  • An old or defective battery
  • Running too many apps can overload the processor, making it work harder and generate more heat.
  • Outdated apps with bugs can put a lot of strain on the processor

How to fix iPhone heating problem?

Here are seven simple and easy ways you can consider to fix the heating problem on your iPhone.

1. Close all apps

As simple as it sounds, reducing your processor’s workload can prevent your iPhone from heating up. In general, an overloaded processor generates excess heat and drains the battery too quickly. So make sure to close all apps as soon as you notice your iPhone is heating up.

Force quit apps on iPhone and iPad

2. Restart your iPhone

If you are short on time or lack the patience to close all your apps, just restart your iPhone. That said, not all iPhone models have the same restart options. So find out how to reboot your iPhone model type first.

3.Stop charging your iPhone

In general, charging your phone can heat it up. However, if it gets too hot while charging, stop charging immediately.

iPhone Overheating Guide: Why It Gets Hot & How To Cool Down iPhone

3. Keep it in cool places

Never leave your iPhone in direct sunlight. If your car gets too hot, turn on the A/C, lower the windows and make sure to park it in the shade.

Also, don’t put your phone under the pillow when you sleep, especially when you’re charging it. The cushion ensures that the heat cannot escape and makes your phone hot. Also, keep your iPhone away from other heat-producing devices to avoid heat exchange. If you can’t keep your iPhone away, turn it off.

4. Update your iPhone

It is recommended that you update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS. However, it is common for your iPhone to get warm when it is updated to the latest software version.

iOS update

Since these updates include performance improvements, they can help prevent your phone from overheating. So one of the best manners to fix iPhone overheating after an iOS update is to let it update all apps in the background and wait for it to cool down on its own.

5. Reduce Processor Overload

Demanding tasks such as playing 3D games, GPS navigation or streaming HD videos can strain the processor and overheat. So limit such tasks and instead play games on PC or game consoles and reduce processor workload.

6. Switch to power saving mode

Your iPhone will heat up faster if your screen is awake for a long time. To limit the wake up time of your screen, you can enable the power saving mode. Follow these steps.

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Search for battery
  • Enable power saving mode


So these were seven ways to Fix iPhone heating problem. If your iPhone still gets hot even after trying all the hacks mentioned above, then you need to reset your phone. However, this will delete all your apps and custom settings and restore the factory settings.

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