Access your Windows Desktop storage with an Android phone

Want to remotely access the files stored on your Windows computer on your Android device? Here’s how to set it up.

It can sometimes be more difficult than you would like to access the files stored on your Windows desktop or laptop on your Android phone. There are a few methods you can use to do this, but the PC Remote app for Android really helps simplify the setup process and make it easy whether you want a wired or wireless connection.

Here’s how to access the storage space on your Windows computer to share files with your Android phone.

How to access PC storage with an Android phone

For this guide, we will use one of the best third-party PC remote control apps to access This PC on a Windows desktop. You need to download two apps: PC Remote Receiver on your computer and PC Remote on your Android phone. Both apps are free to use, and the Android app has options for in-app purchases.

The apps offer four modes to access the files on the computer: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and QR scan. They are also easy to use, the user interface is minimal and easy to navigate, and the connection process is simple. And in addition to supporting downloading, there are options for managing files, including delete, rename, and create shortcuts.

Step 1: Connect your PC and phone

After you download both apps, you need to launch them and follow the steps to establish a connection between your computer and your Android phone. There are four ways to establish the connection. If you prefer to use Bluetooth:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on both your PC and your phone.
  2. From the Android app home page, choose the Connect choice.
  3. In the Options menu, tap the Bluetooth icon and select your PC from the list of available devices.

If your phone and computer are using the same Wi-Fi network, you can also pair them by choosing the Wi-Fi icon instead of Bluetooth and selecting your PC from the list of available Local PC.

If you don’t want to use the wireless method, don’t worry, you can also connect your phone with a USB cable. Here’s how:

  1. Connect a USB cable to your phone and plug it into the PC.
  2. In the mobile app, tap Connect and choose the USB mode by tapping the USB icon.
  3. The app will ask you to enable USB tethering on your phone, and once you do, the pairing will be completed.

Apart from these three methods, there is also an option to pair using a QR code scanner:

  1. Choose the Generate QR code option under the Local connection menu in the PC Remote Receiver app. When you do this, a QR code will be displayed on the computer screen.
  2. In the mobile app, tap Connect to PC in the connection modes menu. It will now open the scanner on the phone.
  3. Scan the QR code and the connection is successful.

If you are experiencing pairing issues such as device name not showing in list or unable to connect, quit mobile app, remove it from Recents menu, force quit app through settings from the phone and start again to open the app.

If you encounter the error even after completing these steps, go to the app info in your phone’s settings and clear the cache and storage data for the PC Remote app. After that, open the app again and you’re good to go.

Step 2: Access your PC’s storage

Now that you have successfully established a connection between the PC and the phone, follow these steps to access your files.

  1. On the mobile app home screen, tap the Utilities icon in the bottom bar.
  2. In the Tools section, tap This PCand you can see the files.
  3. Now you can navigate through your computer’s files and folders on your phone. Long-pressing the folder will give you options to rename, delete, check properties, create shortcuts, and open the folder on PC.
  4. Unfortunately, you can’t download the entire folder from the PC to your phone, but you can download individual files by long pressing and choosing the download option from the Operations menu.
  5. To disconnect your phone after finishing work, tap the Me icon, next to the Utilities icon, then select the DISCONNECT choice.

Download files locally from your PC with an Android phone

The PC Remote apps make it quite easy to use your Android phone to access the files stored on your Windows computer. It’s great for accessing individual files, but there are plenty of other methods worth trying when you need to move large amounts of data between your phone and your computer.