Activate cellular service on your Apple Watch


To set up cellular on your Apple Watch, open it Watch app on your paired iPhone and tap the My Watch tab. Scroll down to and tap Mobileand follow the instructions on the screen.


Set up cellular on your Apple Watch

When you first set up your Apple Watch, you can activate cellular by following the on-screen prompts. If you opt out of activating cellular during your initial pairing process, you can always set up cellular from the Apple Watch app.

  • On your paired iPhone, open it Apple Watch app.
  • Press My Watch taband then tap Mobile.
  • Tap Set up mobileand then tap Set up mobile again.
  • You will then be redirected to instructions for your specific mobile operator. You must confirm your identity to add the Apple Watch to your subscription and may need to contact your carrier to complete the setup process.

Your Apple Watch is likely assigned its own phone number for billing purposes, but it actually uses the same number as your iPhone. If you set up cellular on a family member’s device who doesn’t have their own iPhone, that device will receive and use its own number. Cellular support for a family member’s managed Apple Watch is only available in certain regions and through specific carriers.

How to connect to a mobile network

An Apple Watch Ultra on a user's wrist receives an incoming call.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

If you have cellular service activated on your Apple Watch, the device automatically connects to the network when needed. Apple Watches automatically use the most energy-efficient wireless connection available. When your iPhone is nearby, the device uses your phone’s signal via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When your watch needs to connect to cellular, it uses LTE networks. If LTE is not available, your watch will try to connect to UMTS if your specific carrier supports it.

You can manually turn your cellular connection on or off at any time by swiping up from your Apple Watch face and tapping Mobile icon.

How do you know if your Apple Watch has an active cellular signal?

Two Apple Watch illustrations show the possible Cellular Signal icons users may find with data in their control panel.

When your watch connects to a mobile network, you can check the signal strength through your device’s quick menu swipe up from you dial.

  • When the Mobile icon is vegetable you are connected to a mobile signal.
  • When the Mobile icon is white your subscription is active, but your device is connected to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To delete your mobile subscription, open it Watch app on your paired iPhone and tap the My Watch taband then tap Mobile. Press information icon at the top of the screen and tap Delete subscriptionand tap again to confirm. You may need to contact your mobile operator to complete the process and cancel your subscription.

Yes. According to Apple, extended periods of cellular connection will drain the battery faster than connecting to your phone.

Open the Watch app on your paired iPhone, tap the My Watch taband then tap Cellular. Scroll down to the Mobile data usage section to view your data usage.