Ads will go to Disney+ next month, along with price hikes

December 8 will also see higher Hulu prices for some

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: your streaming subscriptions are getting more expensive. Oh wait, we already wrote a story today about Sling TV ramping up its prices. Well, don’t look now, but in another move you could call it funny or depressing – maybe even a bit of both – Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu are planning to charge more for their massive bundle package that includes Disney+, ESPN+ and streaming. from TV, depending on how much advertising time you are willing to put up with.


The changes will apply to new customers from December 8, while existing customers will see the impact on new billing cycles on and after that date.

Disney+ subscribers have been bracing for months for a previously announced ad-supported tier to come out and it looks like this is where the rubber hits the road. If you were hoping it would be cheaper than today’s ad-free service, you’d be wrong. According to the company, the new ad-supported tier will take the existing price of $8 per month or $80 for an annual subscription, while the ad-free version will go up to $11 and $110, respectively. download movies to watch later.

Bundles who want Hulu wrapped up can purchase the new Disney Bundle Duo Basic, which includes ad display on both platforms for $10 a month. Ironically, existing Disney+ subscribers are not eligible to sign up from the get-go – only new Disney+ subs and Hulu subs. The new Disney Bundle Trio Basic adds ESPN+ (which is always ad-supported no matter where you see it bundled) and costs $13 per month. The currently offered Disney bundle that removes ads on Disney+ and keeps the ads on Hulu and ESPN+ will go from $14 to $15 per month and will no longer be available to new customers after December 7. The same bundle but without ads on Hulu will remain and will remain at $20 per month.

Hulu customers have seen two price increases for single-service plans in as many years, with the latest in October bringing ad-supported plans to $8 per month or $80 per year, and ad-free plans to $15 per month. Those won’t rise any further for now, thankfully, but if you’re subscribed to one of the Hulu + Live TV bundles, you’ll be in for your own world of pain.

Right now, customers pay $70 per month for a bundle with Hulu with ads, Disney+ without ads, ESPN+ with ads, and Live TV (which includes ads, of course). As of December 8, Hulu says it will climb to $75. The same bundle that doesn’t include ads on Hulu also goes from $76 to $83 per month. Those who would rather still pay $70 a month can switch to a new plan that will show ads on all three services.

If you’re billed by Hulu and you’ve added Disney+ with no ads for $3 a month, you can keep it after December 7, but it’s no longer offered. Ad-supported Disney+ will instead be available as a $2 per month add-on starting December 8.

Right now it looks like ESPN+ will be stuck at $10 a month or $100 a year.

If you’re confused about all the changes coming December 8, we’ve summarized it below in bullet form:


  • Single service subscription
    • With advertisements (NEW ONES) – $8 per month/$80 per year
    • Ad-free – goes from $8/$80 to $11/$110
  • Bundles
    • Disney Bundle Duo Basic (NEW ONES) – $10 per month
      • Includes Disney+ with ads, Hulu with ads
    • Disney Bundle Trio Basic (NEW ONES) – $13 monthly
      • Includes Disney+ with ads, Hulu with ads, ESPN+ with ads
    • Legacy Disney Bundle (DEPARTURE) – goes from $13 to $14 monthly
      • Includes Disney+ without ads, Hulu with ads, ESPN+ without ads
      • No new registrations after December 7; retain legacy customers
    • Disney Bundle Trio Premium – stays $20 a month
      • Includes Disney+ ad-free, ad-free Hulu, ad-free ESPN+


  • Single service subscription
    • With Ads – $8 per month/$80 per year
    • Ad-free – $15 per month
  • Add-ons
    • Ad-free Disney+ (DEPARTURE) – $3 per month
      • No new registrations after December 7; retain legacy customers
    • Ad-supported Disney+ (NEW ONES) – $2 per month
  • Live TV Bundles
    • Hulu with Ads, Disney+ with Ads, ESPN+ with Ads (NEW ONES) – $70 per month
    • Hulu with Ads, Disney+ Without Ads, ESPN+ with Ads – goes from $70 to $75 monthly
    • Hulu Ad-Free, Disney+ Ad-Free, ESPN+ Ad-Free – goes from $76 to $83 monthly