After Hours With Manas Fuloria, CEO and Co-Founder, Nagarro

The job

The most beautiful and stimulating part of my job is meeting clients and Nagarrians from different backgrounds. Over the past few days, I have met with senior teams from a leading German engineering firm, a South Africa-based fashion retailer, a French cosmetics company and a US-based global health and beauty leader. This year I have met colleagues in Austria, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, United Arab Emirates, USA and in many Indian cities. The shared understanding and love enriched by the diversity is wonderful to experience.

The weekdays

When I’m not traveling, my wife and I take the kids to the school bus and then go for a walk. The working day starts early and it is mainly working from home. Some work days are more structured with meetings and workshops, others are just catching up, and the rare days allow for some reading and reflection. Exercise can be squeezed in. When the kids come home from school, my wife and I combine their care depending on our meetings. We have a quick family dinner, put our kids to bed, have a glass of wine, watch some Netflix and end the day with some reading.

The weekend

Saturdays are usually reserved for parents and kids, but there’s always some overflow work or a leaky pipe or tax return calling for it. Saturdays are always very busy. Sundays can allow for a morning bike ride and a leisurely afternoon of reading and thinking. I could use more of Sunday.

The toys

My iPhone and Microsoft Surface are indispensable tools for work and after work. All other favorite gadgets are health related. A mini stepper and an exercise bike for the TV, air purifiers and air quality monitors. Everything else I can live without.

The logos

I’m very loyal to products that are comfortable, easy to use and last for years to come: Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts, ECCO loafers, Superdry polos and jeans from every brand. I don’t experiment much. I fly Lufthansa for the German aesthetic and reliability, plus it’s a customer! Cannondale for bikes. But my favorite food brands are almost all Indian including Banaaras chain for paan.

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