Android 13 Beta 3 eliminates some shortcut features on Pixel devices

Android 13 beta and emerging issues have again become a hot topic among users. According to the import disclosures, the latest beta version of Android 13 is now causing issues with background colors and styles.

Recently, a Pixel 6 Pro user discovered that the latest Android 13 Beta update is consistently causing issues with the background system. The user reports that after installing the beta iteration, the background colors and styles keep changing.

Notably, Android 13 has already skipped the “lock in” wallpapers option for some reason. And as of now, the latest beta version of Android 13 keeps changing the colors and styles of wallpapers every time the phone sleeps.

The user further explains that before Android 13, he could set the background colors accordingly. These colors stand out on the phone until the user makes an effort to change them. However, the Android 13 beta has welcomed the respective wallpaper issue on its handset.

Aside from the major issue, the user has also drawn our attention to Android 12. Still, Android 12 was the first OS to introduce Material You, the problem never appeared with the beta or the stable version.

It’s not the wallpaper, it’s the colors and styles

To be specific, the user mentions that not the wallpaper, but the icons and screen texts on the home screen change regularly. As a result, it has become more of an annoyance than a concern.

On the other hand, it becomes a subject of confusion. Many users believe that this could be the advantage of Material You, which has been renewed with Android 13. Although the person concerned denies the statements.

To clear up the confusion, the user further explains that with Android 13, the color changes and is set accordingly to the first color scheme. This usually happens after the device has rebooted. But here the problem occurs all day long.

In addition, the wallpaper and lock screen remain the same. Still, the color is reset to the first color scheme.

Problems with Android 13 Beta Wallpaper

Same problem for the last three months!

It’s worth noting that a user described a similar issue three months ago with Android 13 Beta 1. Eventually, the background colors reset and often switch between light and dark modes. It seems that the problem has not been fixed since then.

The bug is probably in the Material You system. After Android 12, the wallpaper and other color-changing scenarios are locked in the Material You feature. While the addition was quite appealing for the first few days, it seems that it has become a huge headache for users at the moment. However, because the user rejected the Material You concept, we cannot activate this feature.

Many problems with Android 13 Beta!

So far, we have encountered several Android 13 beta issues that have surrounded Pixel device owners. The recent one was the app switcher bug that resulted in the apps working abnormally or freezing.

While users continue to face some issue with the latest beta rollout, Google has not taken any steps in this regard. Perhaps the company would work to remove these issues from the stable version.

The beta version of Android 13 has had several bugs before the stable upgrade. Even after several fixes and changelog improvements, the firmware continues to cause problems for users. We hope we will get a bug free and more reliable system in the upcoming stable build.