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Widgets are nothing but mini-applications that can be placed inside other applications such as a user’s home screen and receive timely updates. Last year, in the same month, the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) launched its latest, Android 12, worldwide.

The latest Android version gave almost everything a new look, making for a much more interactive user experience. For this, the developers have even rolled out newly updated widgets that offer several new features. With Android 12+ in beta, the developers are continuing to work on new widget options.

Four years ago, Google launched its customizable Search Widget. The company now plans to add some more customizable options with the upcoming Android 12+. When a search widget is placed on the screen, holding or moving it offers a pencil editing option. Once the option is clicked, the user is taken to a custom page where he is presented with 4 options, including an option to change the color of the Google logo, change the search borders to rounded or more prominent borders, just as the color of the logo, also the color of the bar can be adjusted, and finally a function to make the bar more compatible with the wallpaper by making it transparent or fully visible.

To help the user decide what customization steps to take, the entire customization page shows a live preview of the home screen with wallpaper and a save icon so that the changes can be applied. A reset to default option is also provided in case a user wants to start from scratch.

This customizable feature is available from version 13.40 of the Google application. Android 12+, which has not yet been released worldwide, also offers the same feature to its users. And finally, the Pixel Launcher will also include this customizable option.

Widgets play an important role in helping the user and making their device more attractive. As a result, Android 12+ will likely work on adding new widgets or updating existing ones for future versions.

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