Aniplex and DeskWorks! announce RPG World II World for iOS, Android

The previously teased new iOS and Android RPG from publisher Aniplex and developer DeskWorks! is titled World II Worldthe companies announced.

Here’s an overview of the game, via the official website:


Right now, many worlds are on the brink of crisis.

The “Division” caused dissension among the people, leading to their slow demise.

Divan, the ‘king of the chasm’, longs for their downfall. Weave, the ‘Girl on the Border’, opposes it.

In the loneliest depths, a girl entrusts you with the last remaining shred of hope.

Story and character

Three divided worlds:

  • Annulus World
  • Machina x Labol World
  • Fantasy x Reality World
  • Gunman x Samurai World


  • Planning and development: DeskWorks!
  • Development cooperation: G-Style
  • Design agency: Hermit works
  • Character design: Akinari Shibata (Hermitage), Akira Egawa, Fuzichoco
  • Lead illustrator: Hide, Shachi, Akira Egawa, Fuzichoco
  • Illustration Collaboration: Wachajack, Primal Agent, Crowd Gate
  • SD Character Design: Akinari Shibata (Hermitage)
  • Music: Yuki Hukazawa
  • Form:
    • Larissa Tago Takeda
    • Cana Ichinose
    • Gakuto Kajiwara
    • Shouya Chiba
    • Ai Kakuma
    • Yuuichirou Umehara
    • Shinichiro Kamio
    • And more…!
  • to publish: aniplex

Aniplex and DeskWorks! will share further details during his “New RPG” World II World Introductory Broadcast” on Tokyo Game Show 2022 on September 17 from 10 PM to 8:50 PM JST, including an overview of the basic gameplay systems and first images. You can watch it on YouTube, TwitterTwitch, Facebook, Niconico and TikTok.

Check out the first screenshots in the gallery.