Apple iPhone in original, sealed packaging expected to go for over $30,000 at Sunday auction

An extremely rare iPhone has reached the auction circuit, and Apple fans are lining up to get their hands on it.

The original 8GB iPhone debuted in June 2007 but hasn’t been seen much in the years since, as Apple constantly released updated versions of the phone. However, this collector’s item has landed on LCG Auctions, and people are eager to bid on it. The auction will take place on Sunday, October 16, and the phone is expected to sell for thousands of dollars.

An 8GB model would cost you $599 when it was released 15 years ago. Several bids have already been received in the days leading up to the auction. The lowest so far has been $2,500, with the highest $10,446 on the Website of the LCG auction. That amount is expected to increase dramatically by the time Sunday rolls around, with some estimates that it will take more than $30,000.

This OG iPhone is still in its original packaging and has never been opened. The box is in perfect condition, it never even had any store or shipping labels attached to it, meaning the phone probably never left the manufacturer or went to someone with direct access to Apple when the phone was first released. All barcodes and regulatory information have stood the test of time and remain visible and pristine on the back of the package.

Rare Apple finds bring in big money from tech enthusiasts. In August, another unopened first-generation iPhone was auctioned for $35,414. It also comes in a manufacturer-sealed package with all the original information on it. That same month, Steve Jobs’ original “Apple Computer A Prototype” auctioned off for a staggering $677,196.