Apple rolls out beta program for 5G for iPhone users. How to get access?

Apple Inc has rolled out a beta program to enable 5G on Apple devices as the upgrade allows users to try out pre-release software.

This software upgrade will enable 5G access on Apple devices when service providers Jio, Airtel and Vodafone enable 5G network access, sources said.

Apple users must enroll in the beta program on the website, install a profile and download the software.

Jio users using iPhone 12 and above, in cities where JioTrue5G has been rolled out, will be invited to join the Jio welcome offer. Jio Welcome Offer provides users with unlimited 5G data at up to 1 Gbps speed at no additional cost. However, there is a condition that prepaid users must have an active subscription of Rs 239 and above. All Postpaid users are eligible for this trial period.

Airtel does not provide their users with a special 5G offer like Jio. In the cities/areas where the Airtel 5G network has been launched, users will be able to try 5G services as part of their existing subscription once they have updated to the latest Apple Beta software.

Although an email sent to Apple did not immediately prompt a response, the company stated last month: “We are working with our carrier partners in India to provide iPhone users with the best 5G experience as soon as network validation and quality testing and performance is complete. 5G will be enabled via a software update and will be rolled out to iPhone users in December”.

Airtel and Jio customers on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (3rd generation) can experience 5G as part of Apple’s iOS 16 Beta Software Program. The Apple Beta Software Program is open to anyone with a valid Apple ID who accepts the Apple Beta Software Program Agreement during the signup process.

If a user has an iCloud account, which is an Apple ID, it is recommended to use that. If they don’t have an iCloud account or another Apple ID, they can create one.

Customers wishing to try the beta software should back up their iPhone before installing the beta software. It is recommended that the beta software be installed only on non-production devices that are not mission critical. Users can also provide feedback to Apple on quality and usability, which helps Apple identify, fix, and make Apple software even better.

The iOS beta comes with the built-in Feedback Assistant app, which can be accessed from the Home screen on the iPhone or iPad or from the Dock on the Mac.