Apple’s indomitable Macintosh could boost earnings amid iPhone uncertainty

Apple’s latest earnings report was supported by the indomitable Macintosh, and the same dynamic could show up in the Cupertino Colossus holiday earnings.

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Emily Bary for MarketWatch:

Macs posted record $11.5 billion in revenue, more than $2 billion more than expected in the September quarter, making up for a shortfall in Apple’s iPhone sales. Apple may be seeking another boost from its white knight when it reports its holiday quarter results Thursday afternoon as its iPhone business has suffered supply disruptions amid COVID-19 shutdowns in China.

Management’s own outlook called for Mac revenues to decline “significantly” from a year earlier, and analysts tracked by FactSet expect the company to post $9.4 billion in Mac revenue for its December quarter, 13.5% less than a year earlier. That period from a year ago benefited from the launch of a MacBook Pro.

Still, sales at that size would be Apple’s fourth-highest ever in the category, despite the lack of major product refresh, and there could be room for Mac gains again this quarter. Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring recently raised his expectations for Mac revenue to $9.8 billion, up 12% from his previous forecast due to “stronger-than-expected Mac shipments.”

Take MacDailyNews: Apple’s Macintosh will continue to outperform the struggling “PC” industry because Apple’s affluent Mac customers are also likely to be inflation- and recession-resistant, and because Mac hardware and software continue to outperform the imitators.

Imagine, some of these IP and trade dress trampling hacks have spent nearly 40 years copying the Mac and still don’t come close!

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