Are those rumors about the iPhone 14 design all wrong?

With the iPhone 14 launch likely just a few days away, we have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect. While Apple could still blind us by contradicting the (many, many) rumors, history tells us that the leakers usually get a fair amount right. And a good portion of the leaks have surrounded the infamous “notch” this time around.

We’ve heard that Apple plans to do away with the notch, which has long been considered a scourge of the smartphone’s supposed all-screen design. But a last minute rumor suggests the replacement might not work quite as we thought. (Don’t feel like waiting to find out? Check out the best iPhone 13 deals available right now.)

iPhone 14 render

Is this what the ‘pill’ will look like? Credit: Angelo Libero/Future Owns

There have been persistent rumors for some time that the iPhone 14 Pro will replace the notch with a floating ‘pill+hole’ cutout. Numerous renders have been made to show the concept in action, demonstrating what looks like a sideways exclamation point — or “i” (if Apple doesn’t include that in its marketing by making it spell “iPhone,” I’ll be furious. )

iPhone 14 render

The ‘sideways i’ design may not appear during use Credit: Jon Prosser

But now seasoned Apple leaker Mark Gurman has claimed that this is not how the notch will appear in use. Instead, he says the cutout will look like “one wide pill” because the separation “would look odd when in use.”