Best new Android games this week

Don’t think we forgot, Bozo! Not only are we up to date on the best new Android games this week, but we’ve rounded them all up here. Yes, I was ready to throw hands – you better watch what you say.

Unfortunately, some weeks we miss games on our list. With this in mind, comment any missing goodies in the comments below. We actually applaud it.

Best New Android Games: Sigma Theory

Sigma Theory, an all new mobile strategy game, is an underdog release on mobile. As a premium release, this turn-based strategy game is definitely worth checking out, especially if you think you’re smart.

Set in a dystopian future, you run a team in search of the titular Sigma theory. This legendary system has the power to end death and collapse the world’s financial systems. If you succeed, your region will be the last one standing. If not, you will suffer.

Sigma Theory has about 100 NPCs that change with the story, alarmed drastically by your choices. Build your team, kill targets, turn the world around. Can you do all that and still survive? What about the ethical implications?

If you want to give this game a try, check it out here! It will cost you $6.99, but we think it’s worth it.

Memento Moric

mementomori mobile game

MementoMori is a new free to play RPG that you can sink your teeth into and is already gaining fans. With a beautiful watercolor art style, this car warrior’s gloomy fantasy is almost impossible to deviate from.

In this new gacha, you play as a team of witches who must fight a deadly plague of curses that plague the land. But ordinary citizens hate witches and go so far as to track them down and execute them. Do you change your mind?

MementoMori, developed by Bank of Innovation, is not exactly special, but it is a nice addition. If you get stuck, we even have a MementoMori level list to help you out! Download the game here for free!

Marvel Snap

The full launch of the controversial superhero card game, Marvel Dnap, is hereā€¦ for better or worse. This free-to-play TCG is being ridiculed for predatory business practices and may look nice, but it won’t make it onto our list of the best Android card games.

If you love Marvel, you’ll probably pick up this game already. It’s free after all, but while it’s a fun time at the beginning, fans are already complaining about pay-to-win shenanigans. So while it might be a great card game under its scummy business, we don’t recommend it at all.

Nevertheless, if you want to pick up this new game, buy it here.

Linia Stripes

A sequel to the addictive Linia Super, Linia Stripes is a relaxing puzzle game now available for mobile. With the previous game already one of the best new Android games of 2021, this will probably be a must-have for some. Why is it at the bottom of the list? Because we want you to read the whole thing!

Linia Stripes is a relaxing puzzle game where you simply have to clear a board of stripes. To do this, you need to find the shortest stripes on the board and remove them one by one. Do you think you can?

There’s not really any pressing mechanics here, it’s purely made for relaxation. However, once you clear a board, you unlock a new wallpaper to use on your phone or tablet. We think that’s pretty cute.

If you want to download the game, check here!

These are this week’s best new Android games

Well, that’s the end of our weekly roundup! Don’t forget to let us know about any games we missed in the comments below. We are always looking for new games!