Capcom and TiMi Studio Group team up for a new Monster Hunter title on mobile

The Monster Hunter experience is coming to your phone, but in what form?

TiMi Studio Group, the developers of Tencent-owned Pokémon UNITE and Call of Duty: Mobile, are teaming up with Capcom to bring a new Monster Hunter game to mobile. While there is no information on what this game will look like, it is still an exciting time for Monster Hunter fans.

The partnership promises to “recreate the hunting actions that define the Monster Hunter series” with the aim of creating a unique experience on mobile devices. Beyond that, the press release is vague and doesn’t hint at what to expect from this upcoming Monster Hunter title.


The last (and first) time a Monster Hunter game was released on Android was Monster Hunter Stories in 2018. Monster Hunter Stories, a kid-friendly spin-off of the franchise, was originally a 3DS game released a year after the original. release was ported to Android. .

Looking at TiMi’s history of games, we have high hopes for this title. Pokemon Unite and Call of Duty: Mobile are polished, high-quality adaptations of their source material (despite some excessive revenue in the former) with ratings still above 4 stars on the Play Store.

The most recent Monster Hunter releases, World and Rise, are huge, sprawling cases that can take over a hundred hours to complete 100%. We can expect the newly announced mobile release to be a tighter affair, something many fans may not be happy about. That said, distilling Monster Hunter’s core experience into a mobile package can be an enjoyable experience for anyone, as it’s a series built around excessive grinding.

We don’t have any news on a release date yet, but it has just been confirmed that the game is “in development” so we doubt it will launch soon. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear any new news, because this story is far from over.