Disgaea 4 Android and iOS port debut, including Auto-Battle feature

There are now Android and Apple iOS versions of it disgaea 4 available as NIS’ last two ports of the 2011 strategy game. It costs $32.99 on both the App Store and Google Play. Both versions of the game add Auto-Battle and High-Speed ​​Battle options disgaea 4.

The two new modes can be used simultaneously in disgaea 4‘s Android and iOS versions. Auto-Battle, as the name suggests, late disgaea 4 fight his battle for you. You can set this for the Story and Item World stages. This can be done while the app is open and in use, or in the background. The High-Speed ​​Battle option allows you to start at 1x speed, but also go up to 8x speed. This can also be used with Auto-Battle to level up when you are not in the game.

Two other features are available with these versions of disgaea 4. If anyone owns a PS4 controller, there is partial support for that. The product page says some menus aren’t supported, which would mean relying on touchscreen controls to navigate through them. There’s also support for cloud saves, so people can play on multiple mobile devices.

disgaea 4 first appeared on the PS3 in 2011. It tells the story of Valvatorez, a vampire who promised to stop drinking blood as part of a promise to a human woman, and ended up as a Hades prison guard as a result. Following an order to wipe out the Prinnies under his care before he can fulfill a promise to them, Valvatorez and his allies rebel to fight back against the corruption. It appeared on the Vita three years after its launch. PS4 and Switch versions followed in 2019. The most recent disgaea 4 port is the PC version, one of the “complete” versions with all content included.

disgaea 4 is available for the PS3, PS4, Vita, Switch, PC, and Android and Apple iOS devices.