Dragon Ball Super needs the help of a villain to solve his new android mystery

Since the focus of the latest arc is an Android-related mystery, Goten and Trunks need all the help they can get, even a former villain.

Warning: Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 89Notwithstanding Dragon Ball SuperSince Goten’s new arc is all about the mysteries surrounding the new androids that keep appearing, Goten and Trunks aren’t exactly the detective type. Therefore, they can use all the help they can get, even if it comes from former villain turned love interest, Mai.

It’s safe to say Goten and Trunks aren’t the most observant kids in the world. Goten is as ignorant as his father always was, while Trunks is so in love with Mai that he misses things that even he would normally notice. However, Mai herself is always in a weird place. She is currently about Trunks’ age, but she was a grown woman at one point before being aged by the dragon balls, then aging back to where she is today. Aside from what that means for a potential relationship, it does give Mai an edge since she’s been a teenager once before and isn’t that easily distracted.


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Mai can help solve Trunks and Goten Dragon Ball Supers New mystery

Dragon Ball Super: Mai is discovering Android Beta soon.

Mai is enrolled in Trunks’ school and introduced as a new student. She isn’t the only new student though, with the second introducing herself as “Baytah”, something that immediately catches Mai’s attention. She soon recognizes his superior physical abilities and not long after sees a piece of flesh sewn together which is a telltale sign of these organic androids. Mai even acknowledges that he is an android of a different type than 18, maybe she remembers her Red Ribbon Army days back in the day Dragon Ball. Naturally, “Baytah” outdoes herself as Android Beta before the day is up, challenging Goten to a battle that Beta quickly loses.

Why Trunks and Goten need Mai Dragon Ball Super

Trunks and Goten in Dragon Ball Super.

Goten is the muscle, while Trunks can act as the face, but neither of them really fills the role of brain of the operation. Working with Mai would provide the two boys with someone with much more experience and a more analytical mind. Given all the work Mai has done for Bulma over the years it’s quite likely she’s become very familiar with how robots and androids work so she even has the specialized knowledge they need to build a stronger android than Beta defeat. Now that Mai is in school, it seems to confirm that she will have a bigger role in this arc than just being the object of Trunks’ affections. As a trio, the kids may have better luck solving this mystery than working alone.

Dragon Ball SuperThe Android mystery is still in its infancy and there’s only so much they can do without stepping on the movie’s toes. Hopefully Mai can help unravel this soon and move the plot forward.

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