Dragon Ball Super Previews 5th Anniversary Set: Android 18


It’s that time of year for Dragon Ball Super card game. Every year Bandai celebrates the birthday of DBSCG‘s launch with a special set. These sets consist of a guaranteed set of cards and special reprints, including alternative art. This time, the 5th Anniversary Set contains 97 cards, eighteen of which are new. These cards are displayed in silver foil. There will also be two 5th Anniversary Bookster Packs and one SCR Pack, the latter of which will feature Alternate Art versions of older Secret Rares with gold stamping and etched foil texture. There will also be a revision set of 35 errata cards, one of four types of collectible card covers, and a gold stamped storage box. In honor of the release of this fall wave of Dragon Ball Super Card Game projects, Bleeding Cool will provide a glimpse into some of the most intriguing emerging cards from a collector’s perspective. Today let’s take a look at a card featuring one of the most iconic female characters, not just in Dragon Ball but in all anime.

5th Anniversary Set of Cards.  Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
5th Anniversary Set of Cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

It’s Android 18! She may be better known for her outfit with the jeans and black shirt with striped sleeves, but the pink tracksuit she wore to the Tournament of Power is sure to be a sleep hit. She started out as a villain, but ended up much less cruel than her Future equivalent from the Future Trunks timeline. While she and Android 17 posed a worrisome threat for a while, things quickly changed when Cell came on the scene and made his presence known as the real Big Bad of the Androids.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more Dragon Ball Super Card Game previews of this exciting 5th Anniversary Set. Stay tuned for more, as well as other upcoming reveals DBSCG Products.

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