Fake iPhone 13 priced at Rs. 53000 sales like hot cakes! Apple fans fooled

A gang of cheats selling duplicate Chinese-made Apple iPhone13 models has been caught by Noida police. Know how they fooled Apple fans.

Have you recently purchased an Apple iPhone 13 model? If yes, then you need to check whether you have an original iPhone or a fake one. A gang of scammers in Noida has been selling duplicate Chinese-made Apple iPhones to people at very low cost. According to a report by PTI, the Noida police on Thursday claimed to have busted the gang selling duplicate iPhones in the National Capital Region (NCR).

According to the police, the gang lured potential buyers of the iPhone 13 by offering them the premium phone priced at Rs. 53000, which is much lower than the model’s usual market cost of around Rs. 66000. The gang bought duplicate phones from markets in Delhi for just Rs. 12000 each but would buy genuine iPhone boxes costing Rs. 4,500 from Chinese online shopping portal Alibaba along with Apple stickers worth Rs. 1,000 each, police reported, according to PTI.

These duplicate iPhone 13 models along with real stickers and boxes are said to cost Rs. 17500 each to the gang but were subsequently sold by them for Rs. 53000. They also used a mobile application to show an IMEI number to gullible buyers to mislead them, police added. The police also recovered 60 duplicate iPhones from the possession of three members of the gang.

“The three members of the gang have been arrested and 60 duplicate iPhones have been taken from their possession, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central Noida) Saad Miyan Khan said,” said PTI in a report.

How do you check if your iPhone is genuine?

You can check whether your iPhone is genuine or fake using its serial number or IMEI number. All you need to do is visit Apple’s official website or click on the link https://checkcoverage.apple.com/in/en and enter the serial number or IMEI number printed on the Apple box. If your device is fake, the website will inform you about it.