Foldable iPhone? Chinese Content Creator makes one, but in a Moto RAZR body

Some are waiting for a foldable iPhone from Apple, mainly because they’d like to see how it stacks up against the current market dominated by Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip devices. However, this thought came to life with a Chinese content creator on YouTube called “Aesthetics of Technology” who preceded Apple and created one with a Motorola RAZR body.

The content creator and the engineers behind it have also looked into adapting iOS to work in the foldable configuration with a split screen feature for the modified device.

Foldable iPhone made with a Motorola RAZR body

Foldable iPhone Transformation

(Photo: Aesthetics of Technology via YouTube screenshot)

This foldable iPhone isn’t made by Apple, but the interior, screens, and looks all come from an iPhone whose YouTube channel has described its transformation to deliver one of the world’s first foldable iPhones. A channel called “Aesthetics of Technology” stunned the world with their recent upload when they transformed a foldable Moto RAZR into a foldable iPhone.

The channel’s engineers took the audience through the many intricate processes, starting with taking apart an iPhone X and selecting only the flexible parts, a part that still brings an image to a screen.

According to Android Central, the team first used a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 as the housing for the foldable iPhone, but it proved difficult to fold the screens needed for the transformation. It got better results with the Moto RAZR having a wider opening when folded down.

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Foldable iPhone was successful but with problems

The team successfully created the foldable iPhone and managed to transform the iOS as well to do split screens, something you would expect from a foldable smartphone that folds in half. Nevertheless, the project was a success, but there were significant problems with the transformation, with the focus being on applying the iPhone platform to a foldable case.

iPhones vs. foldable devices now

Apple stuck to its standard smartphone screens for a long time and didn’t move a muscle with its flat screens despite the many successes and achievements of competitors in the market. The recent iPhone 14 release also sparked speculation about a foldable version, but was eventually changed in future dates and drops from the company.

Now talks about a foldable screen from Apple would focus on its famous tablets, the iPad range, for 2024 or 2025.

Samsung is also throwing huge punches at Apple using the South Korean company’s ads targeting the flat iPhone with its foldable Z Fold and Z Flip devices. The famed company also claimed that Apple aims to enter the foldable market by 2024, further fueling speculation behind a foldable iPad in the future.

The only takeaway now is that it’s possible to bring the iPhones to a foldable case, as content creators and engineers can do and transform the device. Yes, it’s not perfect and has a lot of flaws that many iPhones, Samsung Z Flips and RAZRs have sacrificed in the process, but it’s all worth it in the end to prove that Apple would look good in foldable displays too.

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