Free Cloud Storage: The 6 Best Services for Android

Over time, they have become the best ally when it comes to keeping files of any kind for the user. Cloud storage is recommendedthis is the case if you want to transfer and save documents from your phone to it, which is perfect for information backups.

For this we recommend Top 6 Free Cloud Storage Services for Android, each with an important feature of offering GB and supporting a wider range of formats. In Android, there are many available, so not just these six, you have many more. Degoo Android app with wallpaper

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Degoo, access with an Android application up to 100 GB for free in the cloud



It is one of the most important cloud storage, because in its free account it is the one that gives the largest number of gigabytes to each of its registered users. 20 GB is what it gives in the free account, with a total of 10 GB of transfers about every half hour, all limited.

It’s fast, everything you upload is in the root directory, it’s sortable if you decide to upload file by file, creating directories and directories in the root. MEGA has taken an important step in the world of storageso much so that it records the largest number of users since its launch a few years ago.

From wanting to take the step to more storage space, the user has ideal plans if you want to upload to a larger space, which goes from 400 GB to 16 Terabytes and 16 Petabytes for a price ranging from 4.99 euros per month to 25,000 euros. It’s a great option if you want to work from your device, tablet, or PC.

drop box

drop box

This service is gaining popularity after millions of users registered over the years, it is also available both on the website and with applications, including Android. It is very comfortable to use, the interface allows you to quickly upload files and keep them all safe.

Dropbox gives about 2GB of free storage space, which, despite not being too high, will be enough to store images, videos, and even documents. Dropbox is an app that can be found on both Android and iOSIn addition, Huawei users can also enjoy the app from the Aurora Store.

The app is very complete, by using it you can upload each of the photos, create a folder, organize everything and even share documents. The utility is free, it can be used on phones, tablets and even on a computer if you want. It does not weigh too much and is light when running.

amazon drive

amazon drive

This cloud service is undoubtedly one of the most importantNevertheless, he will die around December 31, 2023, namely in a year and almost two months. Amazon Drive started competing with other cloud services, albeit with some limitations, especially when it comes to storage space, which is limited to 5 GB in the free account.

Ideal if you want to store files of any type, including photos, videos and documents, the wide variety makes the application considered “important” within the industry. Like other services, it has bigger planswhich ranges from 100 GB to 30 TB, the 100 GB costs 19.99 euros, while the second is worth about 2,999 euros.

Drive will stop in a little more than that year and about two months, so while it may be a temporary fix, it’s also free. Once you open the service, it is divided into three folders, documents, images and videos, to separate them all and order everything.



It may be the service that is gaining popularity because of what it offers, all through the free account, gives the user about 10 GB. It is necessary to create a free account, log in and use the app available on the Play Store, which weighs about 20-25 megabytes.

It is distinguished by a simple interface, the operation is one of the simplest, allowing you to upload everything without having to be an expert in the field. It has a desktop application, in case you want to use it on PC toois available on both Windows and other operating systems.

Big plans are not overly expensive, for $1.60 a month you’ll have 100 GB of space, while 1 TB will cost you about $10 a month. For the rest, it is one of the apps that will be worth what you are looking for, currently the biggest competitor of MEGA. Go past four stars.

media fire

media fire

It is one of the oldest services available to date, all with a large amount of uploaded data, including files varied by pages uploading and sharing documents. Mediafire has earned respect during its journeyso that it is sent by many other services.

Provides the ability to quickly upload files, be it documents, music or videos and many others readable by this popular storage site. It is available on both Android and iOS and adds an important feature which is a fast document loader.

Up to 10 GB free, with the option of up to 50 GB, for this it is necessary to invite friends, share the application on social networks and other tasks. 1 TB costs about $3.75/Euro per month for users who need more space.

I drive

I drive

A good, beautiful and free option, this is how this application is presented, which is called iDrive, are available for Android and iOS. The good thing is that you can upload up to 5 GB of storage in the cloud, this space can be increased as long as you choose a larger amount with the available plans ranging from 250 GB to 12.5 TB.

When you want to share files, we provide a link that is sent to a friend via a link, put a password and make that file safe. It is currently one of the recommended utilities and it is one of the apps that provide the best service besides an intuitive app.