Get ready to say goodbye to Fitbit accounts

If you have a Fitbit account, a big change is coming your way. According to the company, it is ending support for Fitbit accounts and will require a Google account instead.

Fitbit officially became part of Google in January 2021. Since then, Google has found ways to bring its ecosystem and Fitbit’s ecosystem closer together. For example, Google has said that the upcoming Pixel Watch will have deep integration with Fitbit. The latest push toward this unified front is Fitbit’s new “Fitbit by Google” branding.

On Fitbit’s help page, the company has frequently asked questions about this new branding and what’s in store for the future. In the list of questions and answers, Fitbit talks about Google accounts on Fitbit. Here, the company announces that it will enable Google Accounts on Fitbit in 2023 and will support a number of benefits for Google Account users, including:

  • Some registrations
  • Account Security
  • Centralized privacy controls for Fitbit user data

However, further down the page, it was revealed that some Fitbit applications will require a Google account after Google accounts launched on Fitbit in 2023. It also mentions that support for Fitbit accounts will end in 2025, for which all users have a Google account in advance. The company states:

If you have a Fitbit account, after you launch Google accounts on Fitbit, you have the option to move Fitbit to your Google account or to continue using your existing Fitbit devices and services with your Fitbit account for as long as this is supported . Fitbit account support will continue through at least early 2025. After Fitbit account support ends, a Google account is required to use Fitbit. We will be transparent with our customers about the Fitbit account termination timeline through notifications in the Fitbit app, by email, and in Help articles.

While this is an interesting development, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. Since Fitbit is now a part of Google, it only makes sense that Google would want to simplify things by replacing Fitbit accounts with Google accounts. In any case, they give users enough time to adapt to the inevitable change.