Giant Monster War is now available worldwide on Android and iOS

The brand new strategy mobile game Giant Monster War has just been made formally available by Audere Gaming (HK) Limited and X-LEGEND Entertainment.

Giant Monster War is X-LEGEND’s strategic debut title. Players will command a team of battleships, legendary Titans and Heroes to explore and conquer the Titan Continent, a continent in the vast world of the game. Through numerous gameplays, players can increase their strength and increase their power to work wonders and rule the world.

Level up your Titans and summon your Heroes in Giant Monster War

The secret of conquering the world lies in titans and heroes. Collect the Titans scattered across the land and teach them to reach their full potential. Study the ancient blessings to strengthen your Titans; they will prove to be very useful in battle.

Numerous interesting and endearing heroes eagerly await your call. Put elusive characters under your control. Improve your heroes’ special combat skills, collect medals and train them to become even more powerful.

In addition to the PvP functionality, the PvE Towers Battlefield system will hide a variety of beautiful kitties as surprises across hundreds of levels. Players can set up different hero combinations to test the system and enjoy the thrill of tower combat as they conquer cities and territories.

As a captain, players lead each real-time battle on the world map. From the huge selection of ATK, DEF, Healing, CC, Immunity, Shield, Buff and Debuff heroes, select favorite Heroes and Titans to build the ideal team for the battlefield!

Giant Monster War
Image via Audere

Experience Territorial Offensive and Defensive Diplomacy

Real-time battles on the world map allow players to take on barbarians and reclaim lost lands. Expand the domain of your guild, seize the wonders of the world, take out rivals and rule the world. As players compete for dominance, you can team up with allies to create a strong guild using the guild system.

Giant Monster War and WEMIX have collaborated on blockchain technology and released the game exchange system to give players more freedom in trading and other game elements: gold can be kept in your WEMIX e-wallet for trading and converted into MONCO tokens. Let the gamers fully enjoy P&E in our game!

New captains who join 7 days right after the game’s official debut can claim bountiful goodies and get SSR Heroes! Players can sign up right away by going to the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Are you excited because Giant Monster War is now available on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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