Google Contacts for Android is getting a new Highlights tab, here’s what it means for users

Google Contacts for Android has a new Highlights tab. This comes after the company introduced a new icon last month. The latest Highlights tab is visible between the “Contacts” and “Repair & Manage” sections in the bottom bar in the Material You bar.

Users can see a grid of ‘Favorites’ below the search section that fits four icons in a row, and users can quickly ‘add’ new people from the top right corner. After that, there is the ‘Recents’ bar which is a two-tab list along with the ‘View recent’. ‘View date’ is also a tab present with each contact and the option to clear the history is provided by the overflow menu.

‘Recently Added’ is one of the most easily accessible and convenient tools that has been added along with the new UI (User Interface). Also, the Recent section has been further broken down to display recently viewed contacts, as well as the last few contacts added by a user. The icon with vertical ellipses can be used to clear the recent searches on the platform.

With this change, Google Contacts now has a three-tab application. According to a report from 9to5google. this “Highlights new tab could be the main way people use Google Contacts. Instead of scrolling, they could just search, while the grid is more visual and easy to use than the list.”

The Highlights tab to Google Contacts is rolling out via a server-side update to everyone with the latest version of the platform activated. Version 3.82.22 can be installed from the Google Play Store and the updated version of Contacts will appear in no time. Previously, a ‘Single Contact’ widget was added to the Google Contacts app along with the new icon.

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