Google Fit begins rolling out Health Connect support

Version 2.89 of Google Fit is rolling out today with the ability to “Sync with Health Connect”. This follows support from Samsung Health, Sleep as Android and Withings Health Mate.

Announced at I/O 2022, Health Connects will allow you to “share stats between Fit and your other apps, such as your calories, heart rate, and body measurements.” After updating to the latest version, you will see a “Getting Started” card. The full page explains the interoperability a little more:

If you allow Fit to read a data type from Health Connect, it will be stored in your Google Account along with your other Fit data. Fit uses this data to provide features such as tracking your fitness and health, and providing related recommendations and insights.

How Fit uses data also depends on the features you use. For example, Fit can display distance data from Health Connect in exercise summaries or display heart rate data in your sleep sessions.

Data that you choose to write to Health Connect is stored on your device, and other apps that you want to sync with Health Connect can access this data.

The actual setup process involves deciding what Fit can “read” and “write” to Health Connect. You can be detailed or just select ‘Allow all’. After that, you’re done with Fit Settings that provide a shortcut to Health Connect if you don’t have the Quick Settings tile set.

From there, you’ll see which apps have access with the ability to quickly revoke it. In ‘Data & Access’ you can browse data on Activity, Body Measurements, Cycle Tracking, Nutrition, Sleep and Vital Signs.

Google Fit 2.89 has not yet been widely rolled out through the Play Store and is available for sideloading here. After Google Fit, Fitbit is the other big Health Connect player we’ve been waiting for.

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