Google is officially implementing app archiving through the Play Store

Switching between your massive games should be less of a pain

Google system updates have a seemingly random cadence and consist of several bumps to the Play Store app, Play Services, and a decent, monthly system update. As it is, we get to see new features every few days. One of the latest offers us the ability to slide apps on and off our phones without setting them up every time.

Google introduced us to the concept of app archiving back in March, which allows users to uninstall an app through the Play Store, but let their devices retain the local data, so they can seamlessly return to the app if they relaunch it. to install. the experience they had before uninstalling. Great for people who occasionally want to cycle some big games or for that annual trip to visit family if you have downloaded the Customs declaration app. It’s even better if you have a great budget phone with limited storage space.


Last month, we got to see what archiving looks like thanks to a feature teardown. Now anyone can try app archiving for themselves with the v33.4 update of the Google Play Store app. The company says it started rolling out the update on Thursday, but given that new iterations usually hit APK Mirror pretty quickly, we’re betting there might be a holiday-induced delay.

As the leading app provider on Android, Google may not have much to worry about, but it has had to defend against antitrust claims about abuse of market power. Features like these allow the company to make a case for the Play Store’s innovative superiority. That said, there’s a lot more to litigate when it comes to topics like monopoly power.