Google Maps on Android to show EV charging stops

Google is working on a feature for its Maps on Andriod to allow users to plan trips with their electric car. A 9to5Google report said Google Maps version 11.65 unveiled functionality that allowed users to plan their trips based on the availability of EV charging stations.

Some of the messages are: ‘Your battery will be low by the time you get there’, ‘Charge stop needed to reach destination’, ‘Travel too long to automatically add charging stops. Add stops after you start’, ‘No internet. Cannot charge charging stops’ and ‘There are not enough compatible charging stations to reach your destination’.

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According to reports, the feature is available with certain EVs in certain countries. Google first introduced the feature in Maps on Android Automotive in 2021. When a destination is entered with two or more charging points, algorithms in Maps search and filter the routes. “For shorter trips that require only one charge, you can select a charging station that best suits your needs from a list of charging points in Google Maps,” the company said.

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