Google Pixel phones can now display timers from your Nest speakers

The At a Glance widget on Pixels is now even more useful

Google Pixels do a lot of things better than some of the top Android flagships. But only a few Pixel-exclusive features can match the usefulness of the handy At a Glance widget. This little home screen widget can show you who’s at your door, your upcoming flight status, the delivery of your orders, and much more. Thanks to Google’s interconnected ecosystem, the At a Glance widget can now also display the timer you’ve set on your Nest Hub in the kitchen right on your Pixel phone’s home screen.


With this new addition, you don’t have to worry about the timer you’ve set for a perfect turkey roast. 9to5Google’s findings tell us that the At a Glance widget will sync any timer set on a connected Nest speaker and show you the status on your Pixel phone. The widget displays the time remaining along with the speaker’s name for easy identification, as shown in the screenshot below. When the timer goes off, you’ll see a notification so you can stop the timer remotely or extend it for another minute.

A new option called Cross Device Timer under the At a Glance settings enables this handy timer feature. In the case of 9to5Google, the timer status appeared on the Pixel 7 Pro unit seconds after it started on a Nest speaker. We haven’t yet seen the new option on any of our Pixel units, suggesting a slow rollout of a feature that first appeared in July. While the Pixel 7 series phones could be the first to receive the new cross-device timer, there’s no reason to leave other Pixel phones behind.

Google has been proactively adding new tricks to the already capable At a Glance widget, with package delivery alerts and an expanded weather view being the latest. It would be interesting to see what else is in store for this widget in the Pixel Feature Drop coming out next month.