Google Pixel Watch box appears in the wild

Google’s first smartwatch could go on sale alongside the Pixel 7 series

Google is gearing up to announce the Pixel 7 series, the Pixel Watch, a new Nest Wifi router, and likely more new devices at the October 6 event. The company has already revealed quite a bit about the Pixel Watch and Pixel 7, with recent teasers showing the design in all its glory. It also confirmed that pre-orders for the Pixel 7 Pro would open on October 6. The device is rumored to go on sale two weeks later, starting October 18. There isn’t much information about the availability of the Pixel Watch, but it looks like it could also launch around the same time as the new Pixel phones.


A leaked photo of a Target DC shows the box of the Pixel Watch (via r/PixelWatch). The compact packaging also carries the “with Fitbit” branding, hinting at the wearable’s Fitbit integration. Google’s upcoming wearable would be the first Wear OS smartwatch to sync with the Fitbit app, and the company is right to emphasize that.

You can’t tell anything else from the leaked image of the box — the picture of the Pixel Watch on the front is the one that’s been teasing Google for months. But the box that appears in the wild indicates that Google’s smartwatch will go on sale shortly after the October 6 event.

Google will be able to accept pre-orders for the Pixel Watch right after the event and list it for sale along with the new Pixel phones. If the rumors are true, the smartwatch could have a premium price starting from $350 for the Wi-Fi variant. The mobile variant apparently costs more than $400.

The Pixel Watch will be an exciting addition to Google’s hardware lineup and could help push the Wear OS 3 ecosystem further. It would also challenge Samsung’s dominance for the best Android smartwatches on the market.