Google remixes the material you take on the YouTube Music icon

The double recording of your home screen is justified

Do you have a Material You themed Android device? Are your playlists a priority? You may have noticed something with your home screen in the past week. You may not have been able to pin it down at first, but if you use YouTube Music for your listening pleasure, we can say that it is a change that has happened.

An Android Police reader sent us screenshots of the YouTube Music home screen icon before and after the change – for the non-users out there, the YouTube Music logo is a circle with cutouts for an inner ring and the signature “play” button from YouTube.


Thank you
: Hamzah

On the left is the old design with a rather small logo with a small radius, thick ironed ring. The new design on the right side increases the logo plate and decreases the stroke size of the inner ring while keeping the radius relatively intact. The larger size gives the icon a better weight compared to most of the other icons you see when completing the row. Again, a small change, but it’s there.

Remember, with Material You, it’s all Google design, but with custom colors. You can learn more about what it actually is and what goes into the color selection engine with extensive coverage of Android Police. Or, if you’re not into this particular kind of minimalist stuff, we’ve got some icon packs to suggest.

Thank you: Hamzah