Google to run Meet on multiple platforms, including Zoom

SAN FRANCISCO: Google has announced that it will run Meet on multiple platforms later this year, including Zoom.

Zoom Rooms and Google Meet devices can both join Google Meet meetings, either directly from the calendar of a Zoom Room or Google Meet device or by entering a meeting code, the company said in a blog post.

Zoom interoperability is available on all ChromeOS-based Meet devices, with support for more items coming later.

On all platforms, Google Meet interoperability will be enabled in all Zoom Rooms. Interop for registered devices can be enabled by administrators to allow trusted devices to participate in cross-platform conversations without knocking.

“In the hybrid workplace, organizations struggle to connect their conference rooms with colleagues in different organizations because of platform interoperability challenges,” the company said.

“To help overcome this, we’ve been working to give customers as much flexibility as possible to connect with people inside and outside their network,” it added.

The first two video conferencing partners to offer Meet for Android devices are Poly and Logitech.

Customers who already have Android-based Poly or Logitech devices can leverage their investment and switch to Meet simply by purchasing a Meet license for these devices.