Google’s Pixel Watch just came out of the box

Google Pixel Watch official


  • Someone managed to get their hands on a Pixel Watch early.
  • The Redditor shows the watch from every angle without the screen on.

We’ve gotten plenty of Pixel Watch renders since Google I/O earlier this year. We’ve even seen leaks of the packaging in stores. Now it looks like someone got their hands on the device and is showing it off.

In what has almost become a trend at this point, someone spotted another upcoming Google product ahead of Google’s October 6 hardware event. Posted to Reddit this afternoon, the device in question is Google’s highly anticipated Pixel Watch. In addition to describing, the Redditor also did a photo shoot of the smartwatch.

According to the post, the user says the watch is slimmer than they expected. They also state that they were unable to turn on the device.

As for what the unboxing revealed, the watch is wrapped around a piece of cylindrical cardboard, sitting on what looks like a magnetic charging puck. Inside the cardboard cylinder is what looks like the wire connected to the charging puck. There is also space for the instruction book.

The most striking thing, however, is that we get two close-ups of the smartwatch. Despite the screen not being turned on, these images still give a fairly good idea of ​​the thickness of the bezels.

There’s not much that can be deduced from these photos, but we already know quite a bit about what to expect from the device. Based on other information we know, the device will require a companion app for setup, will have deep Fitbit integration, will launch alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and the Wi-Fi model could cost $349.99.