Here are our team member’s favorite Google Assistant commands

A Google Pixel Watch displays the Google Assistant.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s AI-powered voice assistant has been around for years. Enable users to activate apps, ask questions, make plans, complete tasks and more with the right voice commands. Like Siri and Alexa, Google Assistant can provide a bit of humor if you know what to ask.

As a result, there are all sorts of voice commands you can send to the Google Assistant, such as “Hey Google, set an alarm for [time]’, ‘Hey Google, remind me [activity],” or even “Hey Google, wubba lubba dub dub.” Of course, with so many voice commands to choose from, everyone has their own favorite command.

Do you have a go-to voice command for Google Assistant? Our writers and editors certainly do. We’ve even put together a list of some of our own favorite voice commands that you can also try on the Google Assistant.


One of our team’s favorite commands is “Hey Google, play Jeopardy.” Saying this phrase will let Google play a game of Jeopardy with your voice. You can also choose the category you want, ranging from pop culture to world travel and everything in between.

White noise

Do you find it difficult to sleep without any background noise? There’s a white noise command and it’s one of our favorites. All you have to say is “Hey Google, play white noise.” There are also a handful of commands that can tell Google Assistant to play specific or non-specific environmental sounds, such as a crackling fireplace, a running stream, and more. Here are a few others you can use:

  • “Help Me Relax”
  • “Play Ambient Sound”
  • “Play Fireplace Sounds”
  • “Play River Sounds”
  • “Play Forest Sounds”
  • “Play White Noise”

Start day

A few members of the android authority crew enjoy using the “good morning” command which is triggered when you say “Hey Google, good morning”. Essentially, it starts a routine that you can create yourself. For example, you can personalize your routine to have the Google Assistant turn on the lights, tell you the weather, turn on the coffee maker, etc.

Lenovo smart display with Google Assistant Ambient Mode enabled

Goofs and interactive prompts

If you’re in a light-hearted mood and want a quick chuckle, there are several humorous questions you can ask. There are also several good interactive prompts. Some of our favorites are:

  • “What am I thinking now?”
  • “beat box”
  • “May the Force Be With You”
  • “Up up down down left right left right BA start”
  • “Can you rap?”
  • “Tune My Instrument”
  • “Crystal ball”
  • “Scare me”

Room temperature control

Are you a little too cold or too hot, but don’t want to get up from your comfortable spot? If walking to your thermostat is too much of a hassle, why not just let Google do it for you? There are times when we don’t want to get up either, which is why one of our favorite commands is helping us regulate the room temperature.

All we have to say is, “Hey Google, turn up the thermostat [X] degrees.” Google sets the temperature to the requested number and all we have to do is wait for your HVAC to kick in. If you’re just curious about the temperature in the room, you can also ask, “Hey Google, what’s the room temperature?” Some thermostats also contain humidity sensors, so you may wonder “what is the humidity in the room?”

Set specific timers

One of the most commonly used commands for the Google Assistant is ‘set timer for [time].” But did you know that you set a specific timer based on the food you’re cooking? One of our team members likes to use special food timers for different meals, including chicken, eggs, potatoes and more.

To use this feature, all you have to do is say, “Hey Google, set a [name of food] timer for [time].” All of these come with special animations and sound effects that go off when the timer runs out. For example, if you ask Google to set a timer for chicken, the alarm will be the sound of a chicken clucking.

In addition to all these commands, our team also often uses the more common commands such as “Turn on lights”, “Play [name of song]’ and ‘Name that number’. If you haven’t tried these or any of the other commands we’ve mentioned, we suggest you give them a shot and see the results.

Are there any Google Assistant commands you think should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments what your favorite voice commands are.