How do I change the iPhone’s IP address?

Despite the statements of almost all companies operating on the Internet that user data is not made public, information leaks onto the network from time to time. Plus, users don’t always want someone to track their actions and location. By changing the IP address, you can remain anonymous on the Internet or access closed programs. The process of changing is simple, but many users don’t know how and where to do it Change iPhone IP Address.

Why you may need to change the IP address

An IP address is a personalized network code for any device connected to a global network. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cable connection directly from the ISP’s equipment or wireless access through a modem. The IP address acts as a digital address of the Internet protocol, which ensures the user’s interaction with the external network. There are different types and characteristics of IP addresses that are used to identify different equipment on the Internet.

One of the most important criteria for IP addresses is their complete uniqueness. This means that multiple phones, laptops or printers or other equipment with the same IP address cannot be on the same network at the same time. Therefore, each network user can be determined based on the address assigned to him. Linking IP to geolocation also makes it possible to find out the approximate location of the user.

Since it is possible to calculate where a person is and from which device he enters the internet using an IP, the purpose of changing the IP address is to gain anonymity on the network. Online privacy is one of the necessities that not all companies consider.

  • Users change this parameter so that no one follows their actions, which guarantees a free transition to any Internet resource. Users don’t always want all their actions on the web to be tracked. There are several ways to hide information. One of the most effective methods is to change the IP address. After changing the data, users can visit all sites without fear of anyone seeing the information.
  • By changing the IP address, you can also access sites that are blocked in the territory of their state. Many programs do not work in certain regions. For example, Google services, social networks on Facebook and a list of other major sites are officially banned in China. Changing the IP address helps to bypass the block and access it. If the user changes the data, the system will not recognize which region the request is from. This gives the user access to the necessary sites and programs.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the scammers who also use the possibilities to change the IP address. This allows them to remain incognito and run fraudulent schemes. Cyber ​​criminals try to hide their details to trick users on the network. But in this case, such a technique is ineffective, since law enforcement agencies use many other parameters to identify users.

Possible ways:

  • One of the most effective ways is to extend the lease. This function is available in smartphones. When the payer requests an extension, he can get new data for the phone. The only drawback is that the address may be similar to the previous version. This characteristic is directly related to the functions of the router and its settings. In any case, there are no restrictions on requests for this option, so in case of failure, you can try again. You can renew the lease in the phone settings. The connection information is indicated in the network settings. To understand which connection is selected, you need to see which one is marked with a blue check. There you will also see a team that gives you the option to extend the lease.
  • The second method is based on the same principle. There are two types of addresses: static and dynamic. You can request to assign a static status to the address. The main advantage of this method is that you choose the address yourself, so that the previous option is not repeated in any way.

You can also use one of the VPN programs. Such applications are designed to hide the user’s address and dates. Programs help to hide the location of the user and his actions on the network. But with this option, the address will not change forever. It can only be changed temporarily.

As you can see, there are several effective ways to change IP address on iPhone. You can choose any option depending on your conditions and preferences. The most important thing is to ensure a reliable and secure connection.