How to control your iPhone from the Apple Watch

Apple lets you control your iPhone from the Apple Watch, we’ll show you how in a few easy steps.

The Apple Watch and the iPhone are two devices that together make the most of each other. We have already seen how it is possible to control the Apple Watch from the iPhone and now we are going to explain how to do the opposite, control your iPhone from the Apple Watch. A feature available thanks to watchOS 9 and iOS 16.

These features are designed to make the Apple Watch and iPhone experience more accessible people with physical and motor disabilities, but also on other occasions it can be interesting. For example, when the iPhone screen is broken and unresponsive or when the iPhone is out of range.

iPhone and Apple Watch

You can control your iPhone from your wrist with the Apple Watch

How to Control iPhone from Apple Watch

This is a feature available within the accessibility settings of our Apple Watch. Some buttons will appear that, when pressed, will control some aspects of our iPhone. Please note that the watch must be paired with the iPhone you want to control.

  1. press the Digital crown of the Apple Watch.
  2. Enter the application Settings.
  3. Now tap Accessibility.
  4. Go to the section Control nearby devices.
  5. Wait a few seconds for your iPhone (or iPad), tap it.
  6. You will see a series of buttons to perform certain actions and control your iPhone.
Steps on Apple Watch

Controlling the iPhone from the Apple Watch is possible and can be very useful

We can also configure: certain gestures with our majo perform actions on iPhone. Simply click on the three-dot icon, scroll down and choose which gesture to use.

You can use a pinch, a double pinch or make a fist to perform one of the available actions. This way you can control your iPhone with gestures that your Apple Watch recognizes.

Steps to follow on the Apple Watch

A gesture, such as making a fist, can perform actions on the iPhone, such as closing an app.

Everything you can control on iPhone from the Apple Watch

As we said, there are plenty Basic actions we can perform on the iPhone from the Apple Watch. Either by tapping or by setting the different gestures. Here are all these actions:

  • Get started: Simulate a press of the home button or swipe up.
  • app switcher: Open multitasking.
  • notification center: Open the notification center.
  • Control Center: Open the control center.
  • Siri: Calls up the Apple Assistant.
  • playback buttons: Pause, play, and skip tracks.
  • volume up and down.
This is the best way to locate your iPhone from the Apple Watch

This is of course one very interesting accessibility feature, it can help many people control their iPhone from their wrist. But it can also be very interesting for other users in other circumstances. Now you know how to control your iPhone from the Apple Watch.