How to Disable Dynamic Island Animations on iPhone

Apple’s Dynamic Island — an on-screen overlay that hides your phone’s front-facing camera hardware — is currently unique to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

The pill-shaped box shows alerts and information about ongoing activities, such as phone calls, on your device.

The Dynamic Island is a creative way to hide hardware without resorting to the not-so-attractive notch of the past.

However, not everyone will be ready to embrace the new technology. Maybe you don’t want animations to distract you every time something happens on your phone.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable Dynamic Island completely, but you can override animations with a flick of your finger.

At this stage, dismissal is the best and only option. Let’s discuss how to disable Dynamic Island animations on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

How to Stop Dynamic Island Animations

swipe on dynamic island iphone 14
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While you can’t turn off Dynamic Island animations completely, you can quickly ignore them when they occur. It’s not the ideal solution, but other than switching to another iPhone model, it’s all we’ve got.

If animations are distracting, you can stop them by stopping them swipe left or Turn right across the Dynamic Island.

When you dismiss an activity or alert, you only end the animation, not the task itself. Everything that happens in the background continues.

When performing multiple tasks, the Dynamic Island splits into two segments, one large and one small.

If you want to take the smaller task to the next level, you can ignore the bigger island swipe left or Turn right opposite it. The small island will then expand to take its place.

Should we have the option to completely disable Dynamic Island?

iphone 14 in both sizes on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Like any new feature, some of us will love the Dynamic Island, and some will hate it. Some don’t even feel it.

Apple doesn’t like to give us too much control over our technology, so the option to disable Dynamic Island probably won’t appear.

While the animations can be distracting, it’s still new technology and we haven’t had time to adjust yet.

Plus, some people were extremely disgusted by the indentations of yesteryear, so an overactive island might be the more attractive solution.

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