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You may have connected your Android phone to various Wi-Fi networks at home, work, and other places. In many cases, you may not have noted or saved the Wi-Fi password. But did you know that your phone stores all Wi-Fi passwords for easy access.

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So if you want to connect your laptop or desktop to a Wi-Fi network stored on your Android phone, all you need to do is view the password on your phone and enter your system. If you are not sure how to view your Wi-Fi passwords on your Android phone, here is a step-by-step guide to help you access these passwords:

For users of Android 10 and above:
Step 1: Open the ‘Settings’ option on your mobile and go to ‘Wi-Fi’.
Step 2: Choose the network you are connected to or the network saved on your Android phone.
Step 3: A QR code will appear in front of you. Press the ‘Share’ option.
Step 4: If you have a security configuration, the phone will ask you to enter your password/PIN or scan your fingerprint or face.
Step 5: Once this is done, you will see the password in plain text below the QR code.
Step: You can enter the password on another device to connect to the Wi-Fi network or scan the QR code to get the same result.

For Android 6 to 9 users:
For people using Android 6 to 9, the Wi-Fi password will only be visible as plain text if your device is rooted. However, if you have received a QR code for the Wi-Fi network, you can scan it with Google Lens to view the password. Here are the steps:
Step 1: Open the Google Lens app or tap the Lens icon in Google.
Step 2: Select the QR code image from your gallery. You can also choose “Search with your camera”.
Step 3: Tap the shutter button after focusing on the OR code.
Step 4: Pull up the results to see the plain text password and connect to the network.

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