How To Fix Cannot Call On Android Problem

Hello everyone today in this article we will show you how to solve Can’t make calls on Android. The basic function of a phone is to make and receive incoming calls, and when this doesn’t work, the user is in a difficult situation. However, this is a common error that many users face, so you are not alone. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you fix this problem in no time. In this article, we’ll explain some of the reasons why your Android phone can’t make or receive calls and give you several solutions to fix the problem. So let’s get started without further delay.

Can’t contact friends and family because your Android smartphone isn’t making or answering phone calls? This can be quite a problem in times like today when it’s important to keep in touch with others. We will explain some possible reasons why this is happening and solutions to fix them. Of course we are aware of the fragmentation of Android models out there, and our solutions cover a wider range of models, but not all of them. Before proceeding, we recommend that you update your Android device

How To Fix Cannot Make Calls On Android

Check if you are on the net

  • Although relatively rare, there are still blind spots. This can be the case if you are underground (in a basement or on public transport) or in a rural area. Reception problems can also occur if you are near another country’s border and your phone thinks you are in roaming mode.

Make sure airplane mode is not turned on

  • When this mode is enabled, mobile networks are disabled and incoming calls go to voicemail. When Wi-Fi is turned on, you can still browse the web and send messages over data. Drag down from the top of the phone screen to access quick settings or go to Settings > Network & Internet > Airplane mode to check the status.

Check if mobile data is enabled

  • When your phone connects to a network, the name of your carrier should be displayed. If not, you may see “not connected” or “roaming” message.

Contact your network provider for assistance

  • Have you paid your bill? Even if you have set up automatic payment, it can fail due to problems with your bank or a technical malfunction. Your network operator should let you know, but they may notify you by email. If it’s not a payment issue, technical support can help you diagnose other issues and alert you to outages in certain areas.

Restart your phone

Check for malware

  • Sometimes Android phones get infected by malware. There are some steps you can take to remove malicious apps from your device. Restarting your phone in safe mode is a great way to troubleshoot.

Do a factory reset

  • An Android factory reset can fix problems that a simple reboot can’t fix, but make sure you have backed up important data first.

Contact the manufacturer or operator

  • If all else fails, the problem could be due to hardware damage or malware. Find out if it’s worth repairing the device or how to get a replacement device. If possible, take your phone to a shop so that a technician can fix the problem.

Last words

We hope you enjoy our article on how to fix the “Can’t make calls on Android” problem. If you can’t make calls on Android, then all the information in this article is a clear and concise solution to solve the problem. Not being able to make calls on an Android device can be very frustrating. But if you follow the guide from here, you can easily fix it in no time. So, if you like our article, please share it with others.

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