How to update the new emojis on Android

They are used very often and are even part of our way of communicate on social networks, messaging apps, emails and other web sites. For this reason, we will tell you how to have the new ones that arrive without having to search for them or create new ones that adapt to you.

Updating the operating system

You have to keep in mind that with every new version of Android new emojis appear, so it is essential that update the operating system if this is not already the case. To do this, you need to go to the Settings and About menu. Depending on your mobile, you may need to go to the System option.

You click on the software version to see which one you have. However, in the Settings menu, you can see if an update is available and confirm it by clicking Install. You have to charge mobile, or with a lot of battery, and with a WiFi network so that it does not consume a lot of data.

If you go to update to android 13you will notice that this OS reverts to: brand new emojis which you can enjoy from the first moment as long as you have activated this option on your keyboard.

Do the same with the keyboard

If you have already updated the operating system, it is no less important to do it with the keyboard. Whether it’s Gboard or something else, go to your mobile’s app store, search for it and update if you find a new version. If not, you already have the latest emoji on your phone.

If you the automatic updates, everything will be easier as it will be updated as soon as a new keyboard update is available. If you only want to do this for your keyboard and so don’t have to worry about it, you have to go to the Play Store result where it is, click on the app and in the 3 dots you will find at the top right will on auto-update click.

Activating Emojis on Android

There are several ways to install emojis on your mobile, although you should check if they are compatible. Most recent cell phones have this capability, so it is very likely that you will have access to it.

Enable Emojis your android device you should follow this route:

  1. Institution
  2. System
  3. language and input
  4. On-Screen Keyboard
  5. Gboard (or other standard keyboard)
  6. preferences
  7. Displays the Emoji toggle key.

on Xiaomithe route changes slightly:

  1. Settings
  2. Additional Settings
  3. Languages ​​and text input
  4. Manage keyboards
  5. Choose the keyboard
  6. Settings
  7. preferences
  8. Show key to switch emoji


Once you’ve done this, you can add and update emojis. In Gboard as main keyboard you will find new emojis when you open the corresponding section, as long as the app supports them. Therefore, it is recommended to choose this option if possible.

If your device Android does not support emoji, there are tools that you can use them and you can download from the play store, but be careful what you download as there may be an app that is not completely safe. Fleksy and SwiftKey keyboards can be a good idea as they allow you to send emojis. You can also use a app to make emoji, like Bitmoji, but with so many available options at your disposal, it’s not necessary.

Go to your favorite app and use the emojis

Once you’ve done that, you should go to the app that interests you and give the message option (where you write). From there, if you press the keyboard and find the emoji smiley you can access all the emoji you have, including the new ones, and you can even put more than one on it make a combination different. You can search for them in the magnifying glass if you want something specific.

keyboard emoji app

If you have updated Android OS you will find that you can do it enjoy the new emojis associated with this update. If you haven’t already, it’s still on time as long as there are new Android versions. In any case, in your catalog you will find a large number that you can use or adapt by combining them.