How to use the hidden iPhone feature that identifies landmarks in a photo

The iPhone has a handy hidden trick that lets you use your camera to identify all kinds of objects, including animals, plants, monuments, books, and art. It’s called Visual Look Up and it works with saved photos and screenshots. We explained a few days ago how to use the iPhone camera to identify plants and flowers. The same process applies to landmarks.

Which iPhone do I need?

To identify landmarks on your iPhone, make sure you meet Apple’s hardware and software requirements for Visual Look Up.

First off, you need to be running iOS 15 or later on your iPhone because Visual Look Up is the hidden iPhone feature you are looking for. Apple launched the feature as part of iOS 15. It’s also available on iPad, as long as it runs iPadOS 15 or later.

How Visual Look Up works with pets.
How Visual Look Up works with pets. Image source: Apple Inc.

In addition, you should know that Visual Look Up requires an A12 Bionic chip or better. iPhones older than the iPhone XR/XS generation can no longer recognize landmarks even after upgrading to iOS 15. The same goes for iPad models that don’t run on an A12 chip or newer.

Finally, Visual Look Up has some language and market requirements. It is only available in the following languages ​​and countries: English (Australia, Canada, India, Singapore, UK, US), French (France), German (Germany), Italian (Italy) and Spanish (Mexico, Spain, US).

Identify landmarks on your iPhone with the Photos app

If your iPhone is eligible, you can use the handset to recognize objects, including landmarks, from the Photo app. Whether you take the pictures yourself or save screenshots while surfing the web, you can use Visual Look Up with ease.

Just open the photos app, tap the landmark image and search for the “i” symbol at the bottom. if it has a star in the left corner you can use Visual Look Up on that image.

Press “i” to view the results, or swipe up on the photo.

iOS 15 can identify art, books, plants, monuments and animals with Visual Look Up.
iOS 15 can identify art, books, plants, monuments and animals with Visual Look Up. Image source: Apple Inc.

The last step involves tapping the icon that appears on top of the landmark photo. This is how you call the Siri Knowledge panel that can provide additional information about the landmark you just photographed.

Identifying landmarks directly from iPhone can be a useful feature when planning your next trip or while on vacation. All you need to do is remember that Visual Look Up is available on your device to help you.

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