I just tried one of the best skateboarding games on Android, and you should too

It’s easy to make satisfying combos in this addictive Noodlecake title

Perfect Grind is the latest game from indie studio and developer Noodlecake, behind some of our best Android games like Alto’s Odyssey and Really Bad Chess. Perfect Grind joins the fray like a quirky skate game where you use simple swipe controls to pull off a variety of tricks and combos, and you can even design your own skate parks to pull off your favorite tricks in style.


Perfect Grind is a game that looks simple, but is surprisingly addictive; it’s ideal if you’re waiting for a bus or if you’re cooking pasta. You find yourself in a fun, multi-colored world of skate parks where you can perform classic skateboarding tricks to earn combo points. The more combos you string together, the higher your score will rise. Various NPCs scattered around the skateparks will ask you to complete challenges, earning in-game currency needed to customize your character.

You only need one finger to control the game, so if you’ve lost most of your numbers in a freak blender accident, this is the perfect game for you. However, the controls are extremely sensitive. When I started playing, I was constantly stopping when I wanted to do a somersault, triggering the wrong combo by holding a tap too long, or just going the wrong way. We recommend lowering the sensitivity in the setting as you wrap your head around the swipes and taps required to perform tricks. However, combining tricks into awesome combos is incredibly satisfying once you get the hang of the touch controls.

Perfect Grind is free to download and contains ads, but a $2.99 ​​purchase removes those annoying ads and gives you access to a few more challenges and missions. This is the most interesting part of the game, as you can place rails, ramps, fences, and other structures to create your own custom parks, so the $3 entry fee is worth it if you’re eager to build your own parks.

You can’t go wrong with Perfect Grind. It’s free to download, pulling off crazy grinds and tricks feels good, and building your own parks offers countless hours of additional content. What’s not to like? Of course, if you’re looking for even more compelling titles to play on Android, here are the best arcade games to try.