iCloud for Windows users see corrupted iPhone videos with mysterious images


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iCloud for Windows users are having problems viewing videos and images, with corrupted images and images from other accounts appearing on their PC.

The iCloud for Windows tool makes it easy for Windows users to sync their photos, videos, contacts, and other items with their other Apple ecosystem hardware. While it is usually a reliable service, some users start experiencing issues on Monday.

A small number of users are finding that when they try to watch videos recorded on an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro synced with iCloud for Windows, they see black images with scan lines.

More damnation, as reported by MacRumors, sometimes the corrupted videos may insert still images from unknown sources. One user said the stills include photos of other people’s families and football games.

While AppleInsider staff have not personally encountered the problem, we have confirmed other reports of the incident, albeit not to the degree of severity as reported.

It’s unknown where the still images come from, but chances are they came from other iCloud accounts. Attempting to reinstall iCloud for Windows does not solve the problem, which means it is most likely a server issue.

Apple has been notified of the cases. There is no confirmation yet that employees are working on a fix.