iOS, Android, HarmonyOS: Huawei sums up the difference

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about HarmonyOS, Android and iOS, and the differences between them, and Huawei has listed the main advantages of HarmonyOS over the other two operating systems.

According to the image shared by a Weibo tipster, Huawei has listed the main difference between HarmonyOS, iOS and Android in its experience store to raise awareness about the operating system and clear up confusion.

Below you can check the difference between the listed iOS, Android and Hongmeng systems:


The iOS system is a closed-source system developed by Apple, which has relatively high security in software download, smooth operation, and simple and beautiful operation of the home screen and app ecosystem.

Cons: The system settings cannot be changed according to the user, and the system compatibility is average.


Android is an operating system designed based on the Linux macro kernel. There are many devices equipped with Android and a wide range of choices. It has a rich ecosystem, great customization and good compatibility.

Cons: General security and open source system brings disadvantages of unverifiable software APP quality.

Harmony Operating System:

The HarmonyOS has modularized features and the microkernel driver allows the system to be disassembled, reducing the need for hardware specifications. Such low requirements allow it to be installed on small devices such as earphones and smartwatches. HarmonyOS devices can also be connected together to create a seamless connection.

Cons: The system has been in use for a short time and there are currently fewer software developers and system users.

iOS Android HarmonyOS difference

The Chinese tech maker also has a series of tips that can help you get the most out of software updates:

  • Before upgrading the smartphone, it is recommended to back up important data.
  • During the upgrade procedure, make sure that the device has sufficient battery power.
  • Does the system need to be upgraded due to the current state of the phone.
  • Frequent upgrades are not recommended for smartphones that have been used for a long time and have low specifications.

iOS Android HarmonyOS difference