iPhone 12 and later to get JioTrue5G support from Today

Mumbai: All Jio Users Of iPhone 12 And Above Get Jio Welcome Offer With TRULY UNLIMITED 5G DATA WITHOUT EXTRA COSTS

List of Apple devices with Jio True 5G support:

sr Fashion model
1 iPhone 12mini
2 iPhone 12
3 iPhone 12 Pro
4 iPhone 12 Pro Max
5 iPhone 13mini
6 iPhone 13
7 iPhone 13 Pro
8 iPhone 13 Pro Max
9 iPhone SE 2022 (3ed gene)
10 iPhone 14
11 iPhone 14+
12 iPhone 14 Pro
13 iPhone 14 Pro Max

How to set up your iPhone for Jio True 5G:

To use a Jio 5G connection on your iPhone 12 model or newer, you need to update to the latest iPhone iOS and carrier settings:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update and update to the latest iOS version.



  1. Then go to Settings > General > About and, if prompted, follow the steps to update to the latest carrier


  1. To use a Jio 5G connection, go to Settings > Cellular data > Voice & data > and select 5G CAR like 5G Standalone ON



  1. Then go to Settings > Battery > Turn power saving mode OFF


Frequently Asked Questions about Jio True 5G on Apple iPhone

1. How do I use Jio True 5G on my Apple iPhone?
Apple iPhone 12 and newer models (14/13/12/SE 2022) support Jio True 5G. Your iPhone will need it
a software upgrade, pushed directly to your device by Apple. Take care, you
install iOS 16.2 or a later update to make your phone 5G ready.

2. I can see the 5G unlimited data package on my number, but why can’t I use 5G on my
We’ve placed the Jio welcome offer on your number to enable unlimited 5G usage. To start using
Jio True 5G, follow the steps below:
1. Update the device software to iOS 16.2 or later (Settings > General > Software Update)
2. Enable 5G in Settings (Settings > Cellular data > Voice & data > and select 5G Auto)
3. Enable 5G Standalone (Settings > Cellular data > Voice and data > and enable 5G Standalone)

3. I am currently using iOS 16.2 Beta software; how do I update to public iOS 16.2 software?
You need to visit Apple’s Beta Software Program website and follow the steps mentioned
https://beta.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/unenroll#iosto unenroll your device. After that you can
update to iOS 16.2 or later version via Settings > General > Software Update

4. I have updated the software on my device to iOS 16.2 (or later). What should I do to get Jio True
5G welcome offer?
The Jio welcome offer will be provided to you automatically once your location has Jio True 5G. We
will communicate with you once you receive the Jio welcome offer.

5. I turned on 5G Standalone and got the message “5G Standalone may affect battery life and
reliability of voice and data connection,” What should I do?
You can select 5G Auto mode (Settings > Cellular data > Voice & data > and select 5G Auto) and your
phone automatically adjusts to ensure there is no adverse impact on device performance.
Keep 5G Standalone enabled to ensure your phone is 5G ready