iPhone 14 Plus almost came as iPhone 14 Max

For several months, the term “iPhone 14 Max” cycled through the rumor mill. That name was associated with Apple’s newer larger iPhone that was supposed to replace the iPhone 14 mini. That name made sense, after all, we have the Pro Max variant, the larger version of the Pro. Finally, Apple unveiled the larger vanilla as iPhone 14 Plus. Apparently this was a last minute decision.

According to a recent report from MacRumors, there are references to the iPhone 14 Plus as “iPhone 14 Max” on Apple’s website. Apparently, that name was in fact associated with the new low-end 6.7-inch iPhone. In the end, however, Apple changed its plans. We assume that calling it Plus has to do with the older iPhone Plus models.

Apple decided to bring back the “Plus series” with the iPhone 14 Plus

In the past, Apple launched a small iPhone and a Plus model. That survived until the iPhone 8 series when the company unveiled the iPhone X. It has since changed the nomenclature of its iPhones. Now the iPhone 14 Plus brings it back.

According to the Dutch blog iCreate, Apple refers to the iPhone 14 Plus as the “iPhone 14 Max” in two cases on the company’s website. First, in a support document that helps users identify their iPhone, the image of iPhone 14 Plus models in five colors is described as “iPhone-14-Max-Colors”.

There is also a compliance and regulatory information page. On that page, Apple lists the “iPhone 14 Max” with the 14 Plus model number. The list also includes the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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iPhone 14 Plus

It’s not enough to make this device a success

We believed in the arrival of the iPhone 14 Max until the last moment. After all, the name 14 Plus appeared just a week before launch. The name iPhone 14 Plus at the event would come as a surprise. However, the industry of leaks continued.

The Plus term actually makes sense to Apple fans. Instead of thinking this is the “Max” version of the low-end series, they’ll just see it as a “Plus”. Like older Plus models, the 14 Plus is just a bigger iPhone 14. It has the same cameras and features. The only differences are the screen and the larger battery. That’s why Apple can also keep the “Max” exclusive for its very best iPhone.

It is worth noting that the future of the Plus is uncertain. According to previous reports, it could be another failure just like the mini. Apparently, Apple fans do not want to pay for this device, when they can get a Pro variant for a few tens. In fact, Apple’s entire strategy of launching low-end iPhones has yet to prove itself.