iPhone 15 Plus could cost less as iPhone 14 line strategy fails

After two years of poor iPhone Mini sales, Apple thought it could make up for it by offering an iPhone 14 Plus model. But due to the lack of new features and the higher price tag, his efforts also failed. That said, the company is reportedly planning to change its strategy for the iPhone 15 series.

According to a message from user yeux1122 on Naver (via MacRumors), Apple could change how it differentiates the regular and the iPhone Pro lines, including making the regular phones cheaper. User yeux1122 has a mixed record of accurate leaks, but they also yield valid points.

The user talks about three problems that Apple is trying to solve. The first is to make the regular iPhone 15 more attractive. As already reported by DSCC Ross Young, the new regular models will resemble the current iPhone 14 Pro thanks to the Dynamic Island addition.

While the display analyst says Apple won’t include ProMotion or the Always-On display technology for its entry-level iPhone 15 models, introducing a new design will definitely improve sales. The second issue is the price of the iPhone 14 Plus, as it’s only $100 less than a Pro model.

User yeux1122 says that Apple will set a different price, which means it could cost less than what it currently costs. If so, the regular 6.1-inch model would drop in price as well.

Last but not least, the Cupertino-based company could re-differentiate the Pro iPhones by giving the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra a new material (titanium), a new name (Ultra), and special bumps (the long-rumored periscope lens). ).

BGR highlighted a report early today from TrendForce showing that Apple is already planning to diversify its iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra supply chain to Luxshare after a COVID-19 outbreak impacted iPhone production at its largest factory in China.