iPhone 15 won’t get Touch ID under the screen, even though Apple is testing it

The iPhone 14 series brought a significant change to the Face ID notch. The Pro models have a different top bezel shape and added software features. Dynamic Island is the standout feature of iPhone 14 Pro models and offers fast 3D facial recognition and exciting software features. But the iPhone 14 models do not have any fingerprint sensor. And a well-known insider claims that the iPhone 15 won’t get Touch ID either.

The all-screen iPhone X was terrible news for Touch ID in 2017, although Apple also launched two iPhone 8 variants alongside it. Those models still rocked a fingerprint sensor in the home button. But the days of Touch ID on the iPhone seemed numbered.

All the flagship iPhones that followed since then came with Face ID notches on top. Only the mid-range iPhone SE variants that Apple has released since 2017 still include fingerprint sensors. But that’s only because Apple kept the design of the iPhone 8 and changed the internal components.

iPhone 14 Notch
iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus have a notch similar to iPhone 13 models. Image source: Christian de Looper for BGR

More recently, we saw rumors that Apple was testing Touch ID technology for the iPhone. In addition, patent discoveries showed that Apple was coming up with ideas to place Face ID and Touch ID sensors under the display. Such innovations would allow Apple to equip an all-screen iPhone with both sensors, as they wouldn’t take any real estate off the screen.

Mark Gurman wrote a new one Switch newsletter edition of the weekend where it was mainly dominated by the new Apple Watch Ultra. But the Bloomberg reporter also talked about upcoming events and Apple’s plans for the future.

In this regard, Gurman said Apple had been testing Touch ID under the display in recent years. But he doesn’t expect Touch ID to return to the iPhone 15 or other flagships anytime soon. Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier this year that he does not expect Touch ID on the iPhone in 2023 or 2024.

Gurman speculated that a future iPhone SE version could have a Touch ID button on the side. But he has “heard nothing that this is in the pipeline”.

Placing Touch ID on the side is one way to add a fingerprint sensor to the iPhone. It’s what Apple did with iPad Air and mini models. Adding it to the iPhone SE would allow Apple to significantly increase the phone’s screen size.

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