Iphone road map via Ross Young. iPhone15 to keep DI. IP16 under camera FaceID!!!


If you upgrade your phone every year then this roadmap is pointless, but for most people this is a pretty interesting insight. Of course it’s speculation, but this guy is quite accurate.

If you have a 2 year cycle, upgrading this year seems like a real goer. A three year cycle means I would like to upgrade next year.

Sure, next year we’ll get a better battery, the 6x zoom, and USBC, but the year after will be a major change from the pill to the hole. I don’t see the pill notch as a big change in that regard. Especially the smaller 13 P/PM notch.

Sure, he could be wrong, but we’re about 4 iterations away from having the full screen. If you time it right, that’s only 1 upgrade between now and then. Again, if you upgrade every year, it doesn’t matter and you can enjoy everything Apple releases and not worry about what’s coming next year.