Iridium + Qualcomm to bring satellite messaging to Android smartphones – SatNews

Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM) has entered into an agreement with Qualcomm Technologies enable satellite messaging and emergency services on smartphones powered by Snapdragon® mobile platforms.

The new from Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon ® Satellite solution is supported by the fully operational Iridium® satellite constellation. Emergency messaging using Snapdragon Satellite is expected to debut in Premium from the second half of 2023 Android smartphones launched in select regions.

As opposed to selecting a single smartphone manufacturer, Iridium’s partnership with Qualcomm Technologies is aimed at supporting satellite services across a variety of smartphone brands and has the potential to expand to other consumer devices in the future.

In addition to smartphones, Iridium® satellite connections could enable similar applications for vehicles and other personal consumer and IoT devices.

With approximately 85% of the world’s surface without cellular coverage, smartphones with Snapdragon Satellite will be able to access global coverage, send emergency messages, and text friends and family from anywhere on the planet facing the open sky.

Some would have expected us to integrate our system into a specific smartphone, but what we’ve done is so much bigger.” said Matt Desh, Director, Iridium. “Partnering with a leader in mobile technology, such as Qualcomm Technologies and their powerful Snapdragon platforms, allows Iridium to serve the smartphone industry horizontally – and gives us the opportunity to enable other consumer and vehicle applications in the future. to make. This supports our larger vision of connecting people and things anywhere, anytime!

Qualcomm Technologies is rooted in a vision for advancing human advancement and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with premium smartphones and next-generation connected smart devices across industries,” said Durga Malladisenior vice president and general manager, cellular modems and infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Snapdragon Satellite is another step in realizing our vision, bringing OEMs and other service providers global coverage and satellite messaging capabilities.”